Welcome to Hawkins: Here’s What to Expect

Welcome to our very first post here at Hawkins!

Our goal is simple:

Provide tutorials for increasing website traffic through SEO, social media, and proper utilization of WordPress.

Tutorials will consist of a wide variety of topics. Below are some potential examples.


  • 301 Redirects and .htaccess Hacks
  • Different Approaches to Keyword Research
  • Algorithm Updates
  • URL Structure
  • On-Page Optimization

Social Media

  • How to Utilize Social Media Traffic
  • Ways to Make Social Media Management Easier


  • Recommended Plugins
  • Productivity Hacks
  • How-to Guides
  • Customizations

There will also be discussion of industry news and events, or the occasional sharing of helpful videos like Moz’s “Whiteboard Friday” series.

Speaking of, here’s a great video on the impact of CTR on keyword rankings in Google:

There is a lot of great content to come, so please check back regularly!